How to style a varsity jacket for women?

From Runway to Everyday: How to Style Your Varsity Jacket:

How to style your varsity jacket and slay any outfit. 

Hey Gurl, it's Kellington! Your fashion bestie serving you retro looks. 

Now honey you best stop scrolling and take several seats cause we're about to spill the tea. 

Are Varsity Jackets Still Poppin' in 2023? I thought they were over? Bestie, be so for real right now? 

Varsity jackets are timeless and iconic and they're not just for the schoolyard or football field anymore.

The Kellington women's varsity jackets come in four iconic colorways: Hot Pink, Baby Blue, Classic Black, and Bad B Beige that will leave you turning heads for all the right reasons. 

Do Varsity Jackets Go with Jeans?

Yep, they sure do. High waisted, low rise, skinny or baggy. Varsity jackets and denim are a vintage match made in heaven.

If you want a more summer vibe, we recommend pairing your jacket with your favourite daisy dukes. 

Now the elephant in the room is colour! Which colour will you pair your varsity jacket with will depend on your mood you're in and what vibe you want to give.

 Image of ladies black varsity jacket and brown varsity jacket with pink crop top and denim shorts

What Top to wear with Your Varsity Jacket?

Bestie, be so for real right now?

These retro jackets pair well with so many different tops.

For a cute look with summer vibes, pair the Kellington retro jacket in pink or baby blue and pair it with either a white or light pink, sky blue or light beige crop top. 

A beige jacket with a pale pink crop top will gives cool confidence with summer vibes.

 Ladies pink and white bomber jacket. Girls blue and white bomber jacket

If you're looking for a more sporty look, try a black varsity jacket with a white polo. 

Womens black letterman jacket with white leather sleeves and white crop top

Alright, besties, it's your time to unleash your stunning style and serve some retro vibes. 

Lots of love, Kellington

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